Backyard Roller Coaster for Sale

Customized backyard roller coaster for sale cheap in Beston group. Backyard roller coasters are playing hubs for kids and family members, and are good attractions for friends and families to spend time together. So if you want to entertain your family members or start a small businesses around home, background roller coaster is one of the preferred choices for you. Beston amusement is always the reliable manufacturer of backyard roller coasters for you.

Amusement Park Roller Coasters for Sale
Beston Backyard Roller Coasters

Model: BRFR-16A
Area: 28m*18.2m
Capacity: 16 persons
Cars: 4
Height of track: 7 m
No.of motors: 28
Length of track: 165m
Power:160 kw
Fixed and portable are available.
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Due to the spaces as well as the main functions, backyard roller coasters are often smaller version of giant roller coasters. Besides, they are safe for kids to ride for they are of limited heights with gentle curves and turns.
mini roller coasters for sale
Beston Mini Roller Coasters for Kids

Model: BRFW-12A
Capacity: 12 persons
Cabins No.: 6
Area: 8m*12m
Power: 3kw
Voltage: 380v
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small roller coasters for sale
Beston Children’s Roller Coasters for Sale

Model: BRDR-20A
Floor area:25*18m
Height: 3.2m
Track length:120m
Voltage: 3N.AC380V/220V.50HZ
Maximum drop: 2.6m
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backyard roller coasters for sale
Beston Mini Shuttle Train Rides for Sale

Model: BRMS-20A
Capacity: 20 persons
Size: 10m*16m
Area: 12m*18m
Height: 2.4m
Speed: 1.9m/s
Cabins No.: 10
Power: 6kw
Voltage: 380v
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Beston Backyard Roller Coaster Manufacturer

Beston group is manufacturer of roller coaster rides in China with rich experience and advanced technology. Paying great attention to quality, all of the roller coasters in Beston, whether small ones or giant ones, are made of high quality materials to ensure safety of riders as well as last long time.

As a professional manufacturer, Beston designs roller coasters with great care and advanced technologies. And all of the roller coasters built in Beston can be customized in designs, themes, sizes and other aspects. When it comes to backyard roller coasters in Beston, they are specially designed to meet the needs’ of kids as well as families.

To ensure the safety of young riders, backyard roller coasters in Beston are designed in scientific ways. For example, there are gentle and moderate turns and curves rather than steep ones for thrill-seekers. In addition, the speeds of these backyard roller coasters in Beston are tuned to be friendly to kids and other family members.

Mini Backyard Roller Coaster in Beston

There are many kinds of mini backyard roller coasters available in Beston group.

According to the characteristics of young children, Beston designs and produces a wide range of attractive small backyard roller coasters for customers all over the world. For instance, there are many mini backyard roller coasters with different themes.

To be exact, there are wacky worm roller coasters, caterpillar roller coasters, dragon wagon roller coasters, crazy mouse roller coasters and mini shuttle roller coasters. Of course, except for these, there are still other customized mini backyard roller coasters to meet customers’ specific needs. These themed backyard roller coasters also come with brilliant colors and other attractive decorations.

As for power systems, these mini backyard roller coasters have something in common. Rather than self-powered with physics forces, these mini backyard roller coasters are powered by motors and are controlled by control boxes. These make backyard roller coasters easy to operate.

For the tracks, as mentioned above, their tracks are much simpler than those of giant roller coasters. And they are lay out in figure 8 or oval shape. And they are easy to install and tear down.

Special Features of Backyard Roller Coasters in Beston

  1. Customized products. As a professional manufacturer of roller coasters, Beston group can customize backyard roller coasters to suit your needs so that they can fit in the overall backgrounds of your venues.
  2. Versatile backyard roller coasters to choose from. As stated above, there are different backyard roller coasters with different themes, such as wacky worm, caterpillar, dragon wagon, mini shuttle and other themed mini roller coasters.
  3. High quality. All of the backyard roller coasters in Beston are made of high quality materials, such as thick fiberglass reinforced plastics, durable paintings, strong steels, qualified motors and so on. Combined with other safety equipment, such as safety belts, these backyard roller coasters in Beston are safe enough for rides, and they can generate revenues for you in a long term.
  4. All-around services. Beston group is a leading manufacturer of amusement park rides in China with large number of professionals. As a result, we can provide you professional knowledge not only about products but also about your businesses plans, delivery problems and so on. In a word, if you want to order roller coasters from Beston, you will find yourself working with expertise all along.


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