Roller Coasters for Sale

Premium roller coasters for sale cheap in Beston group. Roller coaster rides are staple attractions in theme and amusement parks around the world. So if you have theme or amusement parks, you definitely have to invest in roller coaster rides to attract more customers to your venues. Some roller coaster projects are initiated by governments to attract more tourists to their cities. As roller coaster rides are connected with the safety of lives, you should always find the reliable roller coaster rides manufacturer and supplier.

Roller Coasters for Sale
Beston Roller Coasters for Sale

Length of track:680 M
Height of track:33.5 M
Number:6 cars
Capacity:6*4=24 person
One circle:135s
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Thrill-seekers worldwide seek after one another extreme thrill roller coasters all over the world. Although compared to other amusement park rides, roller coaster rides can be much expensive investments, they do make decent returns for you. For people are seeking great fun and thrill on roller coaster rides to relax them from daily stresses.
Roller Coasters for Sale
Beston Family Roller Coasters for Sale

Model: BRFR-16A
Area: 28m*18.2m
Capacity: 16 persons
Cars: 4
Height of track: 7 m
No.of motors: 28
Length of track: 165m
Power:160 kw
Fixed and portable are available.
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new roller coaster manufacturer and supplier
Beston Mini Roller Coaster Supplier

Model: BRMS-20A
Capacity: 20 persons
Size: 10m*16m
Area: 12m*18m
Height: 2.4m
Speed: 1.9m/s
Cabins No.: 10
Power: 6kw
Voltage: 380v
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Wacky Wagon Roller Coasters for Sale
Beston Kids Wacky Wagon Cheap

Model: BRWR-20A
Floor area:25*18m
Height: 3.2m
Track length:120m
Voltage: 3N.AC380V/220V.50HZ
Maximum drop: 2.6m
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Roller Coasters for Sale Cheap in Beston

Beston group is a leading manufacturer and supplier of amusement park rides in China. With relevant certifications and rich experience, Beston has designed and produced many kinds of quality theme park rides for customers, such as amusement park trains all across the global. As for roller coasters, Beston produces a wide range of roller coasters to meet customers’ needs.

Roller coaster rides in Beston are made of high quality materials, such as robust steels, responsive and advanced control and power systems. Every part of Beston roller coaster rides are checked and rechecked to ensure the safety of riders.

When it comes to prices, the truth is giant roller coasters can be of great cost. But compared to our competitors, Beston can offer you reasonable prices. For Beston’s mission is to provide quality products to customers worldwide with reasonable prices, and establish long term business relationship with our customers rather than just one transaction.

thrill roller coasters for sale
Suspended Roller Coasters for Sale

Rail length: 550m
Number of cars: 7 cars
Number of seats: 12
duration of work: 2 minutes
Maximum speed: 70 km / h
Total power: 120kW
Floor space: 95 * 56m
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Roller Coaster Rides Available in Beston

As mentioned above, Beston is a professional roller coaster rides manufacturer and supplier. As a result, Beston can customize various roller coasters to meet your needs.

As for large roller coasters, Beston offer 3 to 6 rings roller coasters, which are extremely thrill and exciting.

For small version of roller coasters, Beston designs and makes a wide range of attractive small roller coaster rides for kids and family. For example, there are wacky worm roller coasters, dragon wagon mini roller coasters, apple worm roller coasters, mini shuttle roller coasters and so on.

Whether the large ones or small ones, Beston roller coasters are all made of high quality materials to last long time and provide safe rides for riders of all ages. All of these roller coasters are equipped with advanced technology to ensure the safety of riders.

And every aspects of the roller coasters are checked and rechecked before leaving our factory. It is the combination of quality materials, advanced technologies, and dedicated work that make Beston roller coaster rides stand out among our competitors.

giant roller coasters for sale
Catapult Roller Coaster for Sale

Length of track:650 M
Height of track:31 M
Capacity:20 person
Total power:590KW
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Features of Beston Roller Coaster Rides

  1. Professional manufacturer. As stated above, Beston group is a top manufacturer and supplier of roller coaster rides in China. As a reliable manufacturer, Beston can provide you professional information about your roller coaster projects.
  2. High quality. Beston roller coasters are made of top quality materials, equipped with advanced technologies, and so on. All these ensure that roller coaster rides in Beston are safe for riders and can last long time.
  3. Customized designs. As a top manufacturer and supplier of roller coaster rides, Beston can customize roller coasters to meet your needs in terms of sizes, designs, themes, and other aspects.
  4. Versatile roller coasters to choose. Beston provides you a wide range of roller coasters, both giant ones and smaller ones, for you.
  5. Great customer support. As a professional manufacturer of roller coaster rides, Beston can provide you all-around services to help you, from pre-sales services and after-sales services.

Brief Introduction to Roller Coaster Rides

Although roller coasters are common to see in theme and amusement park all over the world, ordinary people still know limited information about roller coasters.

Roller coaster rides are amusement rides that feature elevated tracks along which riders often travel in train like linked passenger cars. Besides, the tracks often have several twists and turns, steep lopes and other features that can give riders exciting thrills. As for the power systems, giant roller coaster rides are often pulled or ejected up to the first hill with chains or cables.

With the development of technology, many roller coasters are set into motion by launch mechanisms. After that, the roller coaster rides move up and down with the influence of kinetic energy. A well-designed roller coaster will have enough kinetic energy to complete the entire course.

Except for the power systems, there are also brake systems that can stop the roller coasters at the end of the course or at emergency time. Beston roller coaster rides are all controlled by advanced computers so that they can precise notice and control roller coasters.

Of course, except of these kinds of giant roller coasters, there are also small roller coasters, which are often known as powered roller coasters, for they are powered by motors to move along tracks. Designed especially for kids and families, powered small roller coasters are safe to ride, because their tracks are low in heights, have no steep loops, twists and turns, and they move around in kids friendly speed.

Roller Coaster Rides History

It is said that the origin of roller coasters come from Russia, where in winter hills of ices formed ice sledding on which people sled along with great fun. And the first man-made wheeled coaster were founded in Paris in 1804, and the crazy about coaster spread throughout Frances. However, although the popularity of roller coaster rides grew worldwide, the relevant safety devices fell behind. As a result, there were many injuries.

It was the success of Mauch Chunk in US that pushed roller coaster rides to another heights. With the development of technology, wooden structures of roller coasters are replaced by strong steel structures and more sophisticated technologies and quality materials make modern roller coaster rides safe enough to ride on. It is said that the chances of being hurt on a roller coaster are smaller than falling from your beds.

How do Roller Coasters Work

As stated above in above paragraph about roller coaster rides, giant roller coaster rides are mainly self-powered without motors except for the first hill. Often there are several ways to pull passenger cars climb the first peak. For example, the cars can be pulled by chains or cabins. In other roller coaster rides, they may be have launch mechanism to move to the first peak. Still other roller coasters have advanced catapult launching techniques and so on.

After climbing the first peak, the roller coaster rides move on by their own with the influence of kinetic energies and other forces. For proper designed roller coaster rides, they will have enough energy to complete the whole course rather than staying in the middle.

And there are responsive brake systems to stop the roller coaster rides at proper time. Due to the complicate of large roller coasters, all of modern roller coaster rides are controlled by advanced computer systems to ensure the safety of the rides.

For small roller coaster rides, they are powered by motors to move along the tracks. And the motors are often hide in the passenger trains. As for their control systems, they are often controlled by control boxes in operator booth.

Roller Coaster Physics

After having a brief understanding of how roller coaster rides work, let’s delve deep into the working principles and physics of roller coaster rides.

In general, after climbing the first peak, giant roller coaster move on with the influence of kinetic energy. Of course, there are more complicated factors involved. In fact, the reason why there are steep hills is that they are built to help built up potential energy for roller coaster. And once the potential energy releases, the energy turns into kinetic energy to power up the roller coaster rides. So the ups and downs of roller coaster rides make sense.

Except for these main forces, there are still other forces in play, such as gravity, accelerations, and frictions. It is this combination of forces that give riders extreme sensations and thrills on roller coaster rides. While at the same time these forces together ensure your safe ride, unless you do not lock yourself up.

Roller Coaster Design

Each roller coaster is unique in design, for every detail design of roller coaster is built from the ground up.

To start with, roller coaster designers have consider the usage of the roller coasters. For small kids, mini roller coasters should have gentle turns and low speed. While for families, family roller coaster rides should have moderate thrill. For thrill-seekers, ultimate thrill roller coaster rides with steep loops and turns should be designed.

Then you should consider the space of your roller coasters, for roller coaster rides need not only large space on ground but also air space. So when design a roller coaster, you should check the areas available for roller coaster rides.

Next, you should consider the detailed designs of roller coasters, such as the turns, loops and curves on the roller coaster rides so that the cars can complete courses on their own rather than stopping in the middle. Of course, for small roller coaster rides, you should also consider the turns and curves to ensure the safety of young kids.

Best Roller Coaster Rides

Due to the high popularity of roller coasters, people all around the world are competing to build more thrill roller coasters and better roller coasters. This justifies the fever about roller coaster rides all over the world. In light of the fact that there are no exact same roller coaster rides in the world, finding the best roller coaster rides is the ultimate goal of roller coaster junkies worldwide.

They would ride the roller coasters and rate them in various factors to rank these roller coasters. So the future of roller coaster is bright for the fever about roller coaster rides seem to grow with the development of high technologies and great materials.


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