Small Roller Coasters for Sale

Attractive small roller coasters for sale in Beston group. Small roller coasters are also known as powered roller coasters. Small roller coasters are very popular among kids and adults, for they can provide safe and fun for all family members. You can never go wrong with small roller coasters, for they are valuable investments which can bring great revenues for you.

backyaed mini roller coasters for sale
Beston New Mini Roller Coasters

Model: BRFW-12A
Capacity: 12 persons
Cabins No.: 6
Area: 8m*12m
Power: 3kw
Voltage: 380v
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For unlike giant roller coasters who rely on gravity and other forces, mini roller coasters for kids are usually powered by motors. And the passenger seats of small roller coasters are often in the form of train, connecting one to another. As for the tracks of miniature roller coasters, they are often of limited heights with few moderate twists and turns, for the safety of kids. And their layout are usually simple too, mostly with 8 figure shape or two layers of tracks.
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Beston Caterpillar Kiddie Roller Coasters

Model: BRFW-12B
Capacity: 12 persons
Cabins No.: 6
Area: 8m*12m
Power: 3kw
Voltage: 380v
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roller coasters for sale
Beston Mini Shuttle Train Rides for Sale

Model: BRMS-20A
Capacity: 20 persons
Size: 10m*16m
Area: 12m*18m
Height: 2.4m
Speed: 1.9m/s
Cabins No.: 10
Power: 6kw
Voltage: 380v
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Beston Mini Roller Coasters Manufacturer

Beston group is a leading manufacturer and supplier of amusement park ride in China. With qualified certifications and advanced technologies, Beston can design and provide a wide range of theme park rides to customers all over the world, from extreme thrill rides such as giant roller coasters to attractive kiddie rides, such as mini carousels, and so on.

Beston group commits to providing quality fairground rides to customers worldwide with reasonable prices. For Beston want to establish long term win-win business relationships with customers all across the globe. As for the small roller coasters in Beston, they are made of high quality materials to ensure safe and fun experiences for kids and their parents. And as small roller coasters manufacturer, Beston can offer you competitive prices than our competitors.

How do Small Roller Coasters Work?

Roller coaster is one of the most popular amusement rides around the world. However, due to the extreme thrill of giant roller coasters with steeps and twists, kids are excluded from this famous theme park rides. Thus to meet the needs of young kids, small roller coasters are made so that kids can enjoy roller coaster in a safe and fun way.

Small roller coasters are often of limited heights, and there are moderate turns and twists to give children the thrill they needs. In addition, each seat is equipped with safety belts, so in all mini roller coasters are very safe for kids to ride on.

Compared with large thrill roller coasters, mini roller coasters are of simple working principles, and they are powered by motors to climb up and down the tracks. And usually the motors are hidden in the passenger trains of the mini roller coasters. So it is easy to operate small roller coasters. For they often have control boxes aside.

Different Kinds of Kids Roller Coasters in Beston

With young kids as the targeted audience, Beston small roller coasters are designed to attract the attention of kids. As a result, mini roller coasters are often featured with attractive appearances, such as animals, worms, dragons and cars, and so on.

Besides, these miniature roller coasters are often painted in bright colors, equipped with music and brilliant lights. Every aspect of small roller coasters are specially designed to draw the attention of kids and allure them to ride again and again.

In general, there are several popular kinds of kids roller coasters, such as wacky worm roller coasters, fruit worm roller coasters, dragon wagon roller coasters, and mini shuttle roller coasters. Of course, except these kinds, there are also other kinds of mini roller coasters available in Beston.

In fact, small roller coasters in Beston can be customized in designs, colors, and themes to suit your specific needs.

Tips for Choosing Small Roller Coasters

As mentioned in other articles, we have introduced you to a number of mini roller coasters for kids, such as apple worm roller coasters, wacky worm roller coasters, mini shuttle roller coasters, dragon themed roller coasters and other popular kids roller coasters. Although they are same in power systems, they are different in themes, sizes, designs and other aspects.

If you have a kid section in your parks, you should consider add one of these small roller coasters. To choose the right one for you, you should consider many aspects, such as targeted audience. For example, if your customers are little kids only, you should add apple worm roller coasters, for they are small in sizes, and much more suited for little kids to ride on their own.

On the contrary, if you want to offer a family rides for kids as well as adults, you should consider wacky worm roller coasters, dragon wagon rides, for they are larger in sizes. As for the specific themes, you should add one to fit in the overall backgrounds and themes of your parks, becoming an integral part of your theme parks.


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